Touchkit fallback widgetset problem


I have setup a touchkit apps with mvn archetype. The problem is with the fallback setting. If


the apps can access the desktop web browser (Firefox) successfully.

But when I change to


the Firefox will prompt the message:

How can I avoid this?


I think your widgetset was compiled only for safari and you are trying to display it in firefox (gecko engine).
This is usually done to reduce the compile time of GWT but maybe touchkit default compilation is set up for safari and android only.

this chapter
. Mainly the part starting with “Compiling widget sets takes considerable time.”

I put browser identifier gecko1_8 in the *.gwt.xml

	<inherits name="com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet" /> 
	<inherits name="com.vaadin.addon.touchkit.gwt.TouchKitWidgetSet" />
	<set-property name="user.agent" value="gecko1_8"/> 

then I can access the FallbackApplication successfully in the Firefox but I got prompt message in the android browser with

Why I can’t access both browser without error prompt? If can’t it’s mean I need to create a 2 project setup. One for desktop web browser (vaadin-archetype-clean) and the webmobile (vaadin-archetype-touchkit) separately.
Any suggestion?


I don’t use TouchKit so I can’t give you more precise informations.
It seems to me that somewhere a file is setting safari, maybe in touchkit package or in a plugin, …

From the GWT doc, you should be able to use :

But I think it would be better to track the source of the problem

Now I got it.

<set-property name="user.agent" value="gecko1_8,safari"/>

I can access in the both side, Firefox desktop browser and android browser.



Your problem seems related to
this one