Touchkit does not show component's Hint/Description

Good day, thank you for your wonderful work on Vaadin/TouchKit. Is there a recommended way to show an image button’s caption/description/textual explain in Touchkit? Basically, I am trying to implement a Vaadin App which looks and behaves similarly to an Android App (most importantly and related to this topic, it has Action Bar). The Action Bar lists buttons as icons which explain their purpose in Toast upon long-clicking. I believe that there is merit in textual explaining of the button’s purpose, especially when the icon is not informative enough. I thought that I could mimic this behavior using Vaadin’s setDescription(), but the hint does not appear on mouse hover. I know that there is no mouse hover in Touchkit, yet I believe there is merit in building of a Vaadin app which may be used both on tablets and on desktop browsers - the screen real estate size is similar after all.
So, with hint/description not working in Touchkit, I thought of a long-click listener, but it is not present in Vaadin (understandably, as it would trigger text selection on iOS/Android).
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have stumbled upon which is great! I have thus implemented the ContextClickListener for every button in my app, which simply calls I then simply instruct users to “Right-click or long-touch any button to learn its purpose”. Problem solved :wink: