Touchkit, cache and onRequestStart

I’m trying to make an application in Vaadin 6, extending TouchKitApplication and implementing HttpServletRequestListener.

What I would like to do is have the application redirect to view based on a parameter in the querystring, but if the paramater isn’t there (or incorrect value) just display the default view.

If I put that logic in the onRequestStart it works the first time I load the page, it works if I clear the manifest.cache file and try again, and it works if I change the querystring to something I haven’t run before.

If I reload the page, or open the browser again and revisit an url the logic isn’t executed (onRequestStart only fires onunload and repaintAll).

I get that this has to do with the stronger cache in Vaadin touchkit, but I don’t know how to circumvent it for this particular case. I just want to execute some logic (switching views to be exact) every single time someone puts a certain querystring in (even if it is the 11th time they vist that specific uri). Should be possible, I just don’t know how.

Any help appreciated!