Touchkit and Vaadin Version


last Friday i tried the mobile Touchkit add on with Vaadin version 6.6.3. Everything works fine except the correctness of dimensions.
The add on doesn’t recognize the native resolution of my iPhone 3GS. This is caused by non-invoking the writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader method in MobileApplicationServlet . Then i changed the Vaadin version to 6.3 (which is also marked as the compatible version in Touchkit description) and it works. So the issue is fixed. But this raises to two new issues:

  1. When a newer version will be relased? (With support for the newest Vaadin version)
  2. What’s about iOS 5 compatibility?

Thanks in advance.


TouchKit 2.0.0 is in development and there will hopefully be a beta version out this week. It works with the latest Vaadin version.