Touchkit and iOS7

I have some problem with TouchKit addon on iPad with iOS7 in Safari.
The main problem happens when I focus on textField and rotate iPad. I tried to check this on vaadin demo applications and found same issue. For example

  1. set focus on Vehicle ID field
  2. rotate iPad
  3. rotate iPad back
  4. now you can see zoomed screen which can’t set to original size (pic_p1)
  5. if you switch focus on Address textField and rotate iPad you will see another bug (pic_p4, pic_p5)

My application uses touchkit 2.1.5 with ios7hotfixes 6.0.1 and vaadin 6.8.13 and I have same bugs.
Can I get some recommendations how to fix this problems?
Thanks for help!

no ideas?


I was going to quickly try to reproduce, but I can’t even compile with ios7hotfixes 6.0.1 and vaadin 6.8.13.
I reported that and ios7hotfixes is getting fixed, but meanwhile:

Can you verify you have actually compiled your widgetset with said versions of vaadin dnd ios7hotfixes?

Also, if you could provide code for a minimal that exhibits this problem, that would help.

(I was not able to reproduce using a working copy of the hotfixes and a minimal app on an iPhone at least)

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No need compile touchkit 2.1.5 with ios7hotfixes 6.0.1 because it is reproduced on this demo application “” on iPad with iOS7 in Safari

Here is simple test apps, try it (609 KB)

no ideas?

I have been able to reproduce this, but not yet had time to look at how to fix it.

Note that ut only occurs when the app in not added to the homescreen.

Would you like to file a bug for this in trac? (Please mention that the bug does not appear when the app is added to the homescreen)

Thank you!

// Marc