Touchkit and identification

Hi all,

Just started with Vaadin Touchkit and want to create an application which shows the user some information based on his profile settings.
I need a way to identify which user is requesting the information so I can present him/her the information which is suited for his interests. In order to do so I need the user to identify himself.

Does anyone have an idea on how to uniquely identify the user ? An email address is enough for me because this is unique but I need to store it somewhere on his/her device and send it with the request to my server.

I’ve tried using a Cookie but somehow the information is lost when the browser is closed on the device. From the documentation it seems there is no option to “never expire” a cookie.
Can someone give me an example in Vaadin Java / Touchkit or point me in the right direction ?

Thank you in advance.



You could have a look at It stores a random “remember me cookie”. There is a branch for both V6 and V7.

TouchKit 3 (V7 compatible version) also has server side LocalStorage proxy that might be handy.