Touchkit 4.0.0


I am building a proof of concept for my employer to see of we adopt Vaadin or not and i and struggling with the touchkit theme.

Few months back, i played with the vornitologue demo and build myself a little something. Back then, my application had a iOS look, but today it’s all goine.

I added the jars, i compiled the widget, but it’s not the same.

The iOS image background is disapeared, it’s now just white.
Component in a verticalcomponentgroup used to have a rounded shape and the group wasn’t 100% width, there was a small margin. Now i don’t really notice the margin my componenent (navigation button) take all the width.

Did i miss something ?

I finally fixed my problem by adding the previous jar of the touchkit (v3.0.0beta) in my lib also with the 4.0.0 alpha.
i now have both and it’s working fine, not sure to understand why…

does the iOS style is only in the 3.0.0 ? i fond it weird to have 2 jar of the same product but different version

Yes, TouchKit 4 has a completely new default theme that’s supposed to be much more platform-neutral than the old iOS-looking theme that would look completely out of place on Android or Windows Phone. Plus, iOS doesn’t look like that anymore either :slight_smile:

I just started to extend our existing application with TouchKit - is a final release of TouchKit 4 expected any time soon? Or should I better start with TouchKit 3 and migrate later, given that I want to finish an initial version before xmas?