TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2, offline mode and official documentation

Hi all,

we would like to build a Touckit application supporting offline mode and storing lots of data to local storage.

We want to use the latest TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2 with Vaadin 7. Unfortunately the official documentation says in chapter 20.9.2. Enabling Offline Mode

OfflineModeSettings offline = new OfflineModeSettings();

Unfortunately the class OfflineModeSettings does not exist in the TouchKit sources (received using Maven).

Where can we find matching documentation for TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2?
Where can we find an example using the offline feature of TouchKit 4.0.0.alpha2?

Thank you in advance,

I found the parking-demo in

Unfortunately the documentation is not elaborated enough for a beginner, especially around the themes

  • offline mode
  • sync server when switching back to online mode
  • how to store more than 5MB (StorageMap seems to use WebStorage)

Is there any other documentation available?

An old thread, but in case someone else stumbles upon this in the future: there is some documentation on the offline mode
in the book

There is also
an old tutorial
which describes TouckKit and in the last part touches upon offline more. While outdated, it might still give a little bit of background information if you take everything there with a pinch of salt, realizing that many things may have changed since then.