TouchKit 3.0 Table column size - orientation size


I am playing around with touchkit to see if it’s feasible for my needs. I put a table in a navigation view and attached a container with some number data, which gives me four columns overall.

It seems that the last column is just printed halfe, when horizontal space is to small, so great would be, if font size got smaller automatically or all columns whould get smaller.

Even more a problem is, that when I change smartphone orientation eg. to landscape, widths of columns is not recalculated and no repaint takes place. Any solution for this?

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Got a bit further with it. But I am still missing a way to make sure that whole content is displayed regardless of screen resolution. If content gets more I would like to have browser scale down so it still fits. Any ideas for that? Content in my case is a table with some columns and currently on small screen width just half of data is displayed.


So I guess you assigned 100% width for the table to make it react on orientation changes. (Just mentioned it here to make this documented for other users who might face the same issue).

Variable length content in our lazy loading table is a bit harder problem to solve. To make lazy loading work properly row height must be static, so putting content on multiple lines is not an options (unless you can multiply the height of each row). Variable font size is an interesting idea that might works if content size remains in sane limits. I think it could be achieved with custom add-on.

It think the most common solution for this problem is to clip the content (either on server side or with css: text-overflow: ellipsis;) and then show the full content in a popup when the row is clicked.