Touch Kit and Navigator 7

Hi All,

Just wanted to throw a question out there about having the Touch Kit and the Navigator 7 add-on working together in the same application. Is it possible? ideally I’d like the Navigator 7 process flow but serving touch kit GUIs.

Where I am specifically stuck is when my existing code calls a NavigableApplication.getinstance().getSomething() method, as now I’ve plugged in the touch kit servlet and TouchKitApplication, I no longer have the NavigableApplication initializing. (So i get a NullPointerException) I tried to fudge it with the following inserted into the init() method of my TouchKitApplication…


	Properties p = new Properties();
	Enumeration<?> e = this.getPropertyNames();
	// get the properties from the current TouchKitApplication
	while (e.hasMoreElements()) {
		Object prop =  e.nextElement();
		p.put(prop, this.getProperty((String)prop));
		MyApplication a = new MyApplication();
		a.start(this.getURL(), p, this.getContext());

Does this make any sense to anybody? Am I better off creating 2 apps, one for the Touch Kit and one for Navigator 7?

Or should I migrate to Vaadin 7 and the touch kit??

Any pointers, I’ll be eternally grateful.

Many thanks,