Tori - Next generation

We have been writing a Vaadin based implementation of the Liferay message board portlet to renew the forums. A preview version of the work is now available at

Tori is not ready for prime time yet, but we would be really interested in hearing your feedback. Try it out and tell us what you think of it in this thread. Bug-reports are also welcome :)

Interesting, thanks

I can’t scroll on the main area (iPad - iOS5)

Looks like there is no thread view,
for small threads not a problem, but when a thread has more than 5-10 replies it’s hard to keep track of the questions/answers

And I hope mail notifications will work again…
It’s realy a pain at the moment

Just curious…what does the current forum portlet not do that the new one will do? What is the reason for the rewrite?

This is just the first iteration. It only tries to cover the current functionality.

After that, we would like to add more interactive way of discussing by using threads in chat type of manner. If you could see who is currently at the thread and who is writing a reply on the thread, you could have a chat type conversation on the thread.

At the moment the mail notifications are a big pain - we have no idea what is happening as some people do get notifications. And some do not. We have hoped that a new liferay version would resolve the problem, but we are still waiting for the new version.

Treeview was left out of the forum for making threads simpler. This is a compromise, but we hope that making threads purely time based would make them more easy to read when people start answering always to the end of the thread.