Tooltips / popovers for images?


At the minute I’m building a system that controls and monitors a bunch of devices - for example TV’s.
My personal goal is to make a good looking UI, that makes it easy to see the system status, and of course if any errors have occured
If we take the TV as example, I’d broadcast when a channel is changed, and a pictures is edited. A small box in the picture is updated with error-count (In this example multicast errors and packetdrops). Though I’d love to be able to have a small popover, when the user either clicks or hovers over the picture. This shows more detailed statictics, and a for example a link to even more detailed logs and statistics.


Does anyone have an idea or any knowledge how to implement this in vaadin?
I would love to keep the dashboard clean, hence only show details if the users wants it, but still keep him on the dashboard. :slight_smile:

I hope you guys have an idea!

Have a

Best regards