Tooltips on iPad


I’m evaluating Vaadin for my next project.

I noticed that tooltips do not work on iPad. I’m trying it on this sample:

If I press and hold the link, iOS’s menu comes up. Clicking on the link also doesn’t show the tooltip. Is there any other way to get the tooltip working? Is this a known limitation of Vaadin?

It works fine on PC based browsers.


I thought I should mention that tooltips do not work on Tree Table (on iPad) either:



Tooltips in general, not just with Vaadin, are quite useless on touch devices. Tap-and-hold is more often used for context menus so that can’t be used for tooltips. If tooltips contain useful information one should design the UI somehow differently for touch devices.

If you have some suggestions how “descriptions” should work on touch devices, please let us know. In ancient versions of Vaadin (then called Millstone) some components had a special symbol indicating that component has a “description”. If I remember correctly, in addition to keeping pointer over the component also clicking on that symbol showed the same message. Personally I wouldn’t take back this functionality.



Thanks for your response.

Please allow me to give you more background and digress from the topic for a while. I have an application that is developed using SmartGWT LGPL (using their client framework only). It has been in production for a while. However, it has problems on iPad where some components like labels and radio buttons freeze after a while. I suspect that the issue started with iOS 6 because we had not seen it before. I could reproduce similar freezing behavior on iPad on their showcase samples and reported the issue to them. However, they do not seem keen to fix the issues.

This has forced me to look at other frameworks like Vaadin and Ext GXT because a large user base access my application from iPad.

I tried to do a small prototype of one small part of my application using Vaadin. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that with Vaadin I could get 70% of the original behavior with much fewer lines of code in a very short time, compared to SmartGWT. Moreover, I do not need to worry about RPC calls, and that would help cut down the amount of code that I have to write.

However, the look and feel of SmartGWT widgets and the configurations provided by them are far superior than Vaadin. I do not want my users to lose out on slick UI functionality that I get with SmartGWT.

One such functionality is the hover feature. It works reasonably well even on touch devices such as iPad. For a grid (table), when I press on an item for a while, it displays the hover.

I also did a prototype with Ext GXT and found that their implementation of hover on touch devices is even better than SmartGWT’s. In their case, if you tap on a row in a grid, the hover appears and the item is partially selected, i.e. its shade changes to light blue but it won’t unselect other selected item(s) on the grid. But If you tap on the same item again, the shade becomes darker and the item is fully selected, i.e. any other selected item would get unselected. I haven’t drilled down to the event level, but usability wise, it works quite well.

I can redesign the application to not rely on the hover, but I would really prefer to keep it the way it is today and make use of the hover.

Hi Guys,

3 years on is there any implementation for this?

Thanks, Ryan