Tooltips on Disabled Button Unexpected Behavior -Vaadin 23

So I am aware that disabled components don’t have any pointer events, so I added this to the vaadin-button.css file:
:host([disabled][disabled]) { pointer-events: auto; }

(I’ve also added
:host([disabled]) { pointer-events: auto; color: var(--lumo-disabled-text-color);}
:host[disabled] {pointer-events: auto;}
just in case)

The issue is that this actually almost works, but it behaves very strangely.

When first launching, tooltips on regular buttons work fine, but the ones on the disabled buttons usually only work after a few refreshes/ vaadin-tab swaps etc.
It’s not very consistent, a few times they work straight away but mostly I need to spam the refreshes, and sometimes they’ll then dissapear after a tab swap, until I do more refreshing/swapping. Is there any known reason for this? I’m not sure at all why this happens, and I can’t find anything in the source code to explain this

Disabled components aren’t allowed to have tooltips. That’s the only reason, therefore nothing was tested to work if people try to force it