Tooltips getting stuck?

Just an annoying thing I noticed. I have tooltips (descriptions on components) that in one area, remain open after the user moves the mouse away. The buttons are in a HorizontalLayout that sits just above a Panel containing a BrowserFrame component. If I move the mouse directly left or right, or up into the other components on the page, the tooltip disappears like it should. If I move the mouse down into the Panel/BrowserFrame, the tooltip stays frozen in place.

I am using Vaadin 7.3.5, if that helps.
Any ideas?

Hi Pierce, I created a Ticket here:


Seems to me this is because of the custom VTooltip class in Vaadin - it handles various events such as mousemove, mousedown etc. When you move the cursor on top of the iframe, the parent page will receive none of these events and thus Vaadin does not know it should remove the tooltip.

Of the top off my head I can’t think of an easy fix for this since missing the events is a browser feature. But good that you created the ticket Bernd, maybe the framework team can think of something.