Tooltip with line break in Vaadin

is it possible to write a tooltip with line break?
I tried something like that:

myELement.setAttribute("title", "line \n break");


myELement.setAttribute("title", "line &#013 break");

In a basic Html file title="line &#013 break" works fine (in Chrome).


Have you tried 

→ [relevant SO post]
(, [Difference between ASCII Chr(10) and Chr(13)]

yes, unfortunately it does not work in Vaadin either.
When I inspect the item with chrome the title attribute is the same as in my test Html file … BUT it dont break the line in Vaadin.


Can you try both, to simulate a CRLF? → line 

Also - found in [another related SO post]
( - try using the style white-space: pre-line;

Or use <br> tags, while setting the attribute data-html="true" on myElement. found [here]

Thanks for your help so far but it does not work.