Tooltip problem: position affected by the location of the mouse pointer


I am trying to use the Vaadin tooltips (field descriptions) but quite often the tooltips popup in wrong places. They are positioned more or less correctly when the user hovers the mouse pointer over the field. However, when navigating through fields using the tab button the position of the tooltips seem to be affected by where the mouse pointer is. It can popup in the top left corner of the page or the div that contains the form. It can popup near a field closest to the pouse pointer. Overall, this creates rather negative user experience. It’s definetely not something you want to deliver to a client.

The problem is very easy to reproduce. Create a simple form with a couple of text fields that have descriptions (the tooltip text). Using the mouse, verify the fields have associated tooltips that popup correctly when the mouse pointer is over them. Now, move the mouse pointer to different positions of the screen (top left corner, bottom right corner, etc.) and navigate the form fields using the tab button. Observe the position of tooltips.

Does anyone use tooltips? Do you experience this issue? Any resolution?

Thank you!

I spent a moment trying to reproduce the issue, but had no luck. Could you share a code snippet that can be used to reproduce the issue and also the browser you are using?


Thanks a lot for taking a look. Let me see how I can help reproducing the problem. It’s been a while after we stopped using tooltips because of this. I need to refresh my memory and get some code together. It may take me a day or two because we are in the middle of something, sorry!


Hi, I think I actually just managed to reproduce the issue with two TextFields and FormLayout:

  1. Move a mouse over the second field
  2. Wait for tooltip to appear
  3. Click on TextField, do not move mouse
  4. Shift tab backwards
  5. Wait couple of seconds, the tooltip for the second field appears (no tooltip should appear at that point)

I’ll file an issue and post it here in a moment.


Perfect! Thank you! Looking forward to getting it fixed. The tooltips is such a nice feature and being able to use them is great!

Thanks again!


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Oh, the lazy R&D developers, they only do what’s fun! Don’t ask me how I know… :slight_smile:

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