Tooltip not shown in IE when having an iframe in the DOM

Hi everyone,
we are facing an issue with tooltips respectively item descriptions (in a table) when using the internet explorer.
As soon as we open a BrowserFrame (iframe) in our app all tooltips stop working. This does not happen in firefox or chrome.

The only clue I got so far was by inspecting the DOM. It seems like in the internet explorer an iframe is attached right next to the tooltip div. For both elements (iframe and tooltip div) the style attribute get updated when I open the tooltip (from “left: -5000px; top: -5000px;” to the current cursor position). Also I don’t see this “tooltip” - iframe in other browsers (chrome, firefox) so maybe this is some kind of IE hack ?
Anyways as soon as another iframe is added to the DOM (e.g. by adding a BrowserFrame) the style attribute for both elements does not get updated anymore. I’d say presumably some selector in some JS routine for showing the tooltip is broken when a second iframe is attached. Unfortunately i don’t see any error in the console log nor in the vaadin debug window.
Does that ring a bell with anybody ? Any workarounds ?

I appreciate any help or hint.



can you create a ticket at
? This sounds like a bug. If you can add some small example on how to reproduce this issue, even better.

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Hi Olli,

thanks for your reply, I’ll do that. Also i have to adjust my description a little bit. Seems like this is error is not happening for iframes in general. We use the BrowserFrame to load and display a PDF. Seems there is some weird correlation between the IE/edge pdf viewer and this bug. The Tooltips work find if we e.g. load a webpage in the iframe.

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