Toolkit Productivity Tools, Do not close window OptionDialog after pressing

I have a question about the AddOn “Toolkit Productivity Tools.”
In fact for the “OptionDialog” component it be possible to control for example after pressing “OK” and possibly not close the “CustomDialog” if the control is not good?
What I mean exactly is that the button “OK” does not always close the window “OptionDialog.”
Is it possible?
Thank you for your help.

Hi everyone,
Maybe I’m not well expressed.
Here’s what I want to do:

OptionDialog dlg = new OptionDialog(TPTApplication.getCurrentApplication());
dlg.showConfirmationDialog(“Save”, “Do you want to save your changes?”,
new OptionDialog.OptionDialogResultListener() {
//Listner for Button OK
public void onclickButtonOK(){
//Make sure controls
// execute treatment
//close OptionDialog
//Without closing the window

            public void dialogClosed(OptionKind closeEvent) {

[/code]I seek similar event “onclickButtonOK”.
Does it exist?
Thank you for any help.