Toolkit Productivity Tools contrib package

Hi everybody,

I committed the initial dev version (0.0.1) of the Toolkit Productivity Tools package into the
section of SVN, thus opened it :slight_smile:

It does not contain a documentation (only javadocs and demo webapp) and tests yet, however I decided to commit it early. I’ll try to add a small documentation probably this weekend as well as complete the demo webapp as it does not cover all components.

This package was assembled from common things we used so far with the toolkit-related projects here and in a thoughts that this can be helpful for anyone else as a just extra things, starting point, code samples, etc. I plan to populate this with more common things and components as they come as well to include any other contributions.

As there are no documentation yet, I’ll just briefly list what is there now:

  • A common dialogs, allowing to show modal, swing-like question and input panels
  • An extended Window class that covers ESC/ENTER keys handling (does all listener/action registration stuff)
  • An extended Application class, that already implements getCurrentApplication/ThreadLocal pattern to get an application instance as well as supports internationalization
  • An extended CustomLayout that supports internationalization
  • Internationalization objects, that allow to build multi-language applications (in case you’re not using your favorite mechanism) and translate both messages and custom layout files

A small demo is exists, so once you build the project with ant, you’ll find a demo .war file in the dist folder, so you may just deploy to any web container to check.

Hope, this will be helpful for anyone else. Feedbacks, ideas, contributions are always welcome.

Wow, sounds totally cool! I especially like the extended Window with keyboard support, since I’m a sucker for all usability improvements.

Again, dll, great work with Toolkit!


Is there a list with descriptions what all those contrib projects are?

There is only one project under the contrib folder for now… But I think it would be fine to create a page on a wiki at , where contributed projects may be listed together with a link to a project-specific description page.

In case this can be interesting for someone else - just updated TPT project with the new component - TPTCapthca - an UI component that generates and display captcha-like images. Just instantiate it and drop as any other toolkit component to a window/layout/etc…