Tomcat restart problem


I’ve installed Vaadin Plugin on the latest Eclipse from their site. Everything work ok, but
IDE does not redeploy my project on tomcat. I have to right click server and choose
“Clean Module Directory” in it. It is inconvenient to do it every time i change code.

Does anybody knows how can i solve this problem?

Does Eclipse redeploy other than Vaadin projects correctly to Tomcat?

It works strange. It asks me if i want to restart it, or i would like to proceed
without restarting. If i answer to proceed, it does not reload my application.
If i ask it to restart it ends with connection failed popup. If i try to enter
my application URL into browser i see old version.

As for other project, it even does not run on it. I wanted to create Dynamic Web Project for Tomcat 6.0, but
it even does not start. I am using Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the latest eclipse. As for tomcat, i’ve downloaded it from tomcat web site and entered it path into the dialog in eclipse on first run of vaadin project.

If Eclipse works strange even without Vaadin I would recommend to try it out with clean Eclipse install - you probably have some broken settings in your Eclipse configuration.

A clean eclipse installation will probably not help if you use the same workspace, keep that in mind :wink:

Thank you for your answers. I’ve installed fresh eclipse with tomcat on another computer. And everything works.
On my first one, i’ve forgot one thing “?restartApplication” in URL :slight_smile: