Tomcat deployment issues

I have a vaadin appication that has been running for 3 years on the production server. It was created with the netbeans addon and is constantly updated without issues.
I also made a small application (again with the netbeans plugin) that works fine on my pc but gives an error 404 when uploaded to the production server. The application seems to be deployed properly (it is recognized and unzipped) but Tomcat still gives an error 404. I even uploaded the default test application that is created by the netbeans plugin without changing anything and I get the same issue. I also uploaded the sampler .war which works without issues.
So it seems that new applications that I create with netbeans work on the local pc but not on the production server. I suspect that it could be some problem with the application URL on Tomcat but I’ve been unable to figure out what exactly.


Nothing in the tomcat logs ? Not even a small vicious line “Grave: listenerStart” ?
Which version of tomcat are you running on ?
Are you using web.xml or annotations ?


Hello and thank you for your answer.
I’m using Tomcat 7.0.47 both on my pc and on the server. I’m not using web.xml and in the case of these small test applications I haven’t changed any of the automatically generated annotations.
I’ve looked through the Tomcat logs and can’t find the line you mention. I have lines like this : - - [09/Dec/2016:04:44:04 +0200]
“GET /StudentDBReader-1.0/ HTTP/1.1” 404 991

Line you mention is from accesslog. So it does not means much but you tried to access this url.

You have to check other logs (stdout, stderr, catalina)

Also be carefull if working with linux (as prod server), webapps are case-sensitive : /StudentDBReader is not /sudentDBReader…


Checking catalina log did the trick. It was an error with the java version on the production server.
Thanks for your help.

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“Thank you in advance”.


can you tell a bit more?


The cause of the error, the server version of Java on my production.

Which version would that be?