toggling panel content visibility different/not working under 7.6.0


  • toggling panel content visibility different/not working under 7.6.0

Just promoted to Vaadin 7.6.0 (from Vaadin 7.5.10):

We used to be able to toggle the visibility of a
's content with the following:


Vaadin 7.5.10
the behavior would be:

  • In expanded mode the panel would be shown with the standard panel caption bar.
  • In collapsed mode (content not visible) the panel would be presented with only the caption bar - all of its contents would be not visible and the screen space occupied by the panel’s content would be available for other elements on the page.

Since upgrading to
Vaadin 7.6.0
this behavior does not seem to work. The same logic is applied but the content is still visible.

When we reverted to
Vaadin 7.5.10
, the expected behavior returned.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a regression to me. I though couldn’t reproduce it easily. I tried following code:

    protected void init(VaadinRequest vaadinRequest) {
        final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();

        Panel panel = new Panel("Paneeli");
        panel.setContent(new VerticalLayout(new Label("Content")));

        Button button = new Button("Toggle");
        button.addClickListener( e -> {
        layout.addComponents(panel, button);

Could you extract a small test case how to reproduce the issue and fill in a ticket to The team is busy doing the first maintenance release for 7.6 series, it would be great to get this fixed in it.


Hi Matti,

I wrote a small app with content similar to yours, using Vaadin 7.6.0. I see good results.

However, when I do the same type of example in my application there is a problem with 7.6.0.

It may be related to PUSH under 7.6.0.

Please have a look at issue:

Thank you,


Not sure if it is related but there was an old, broken change which was accidentally included in 7.6.0. The change breaks layouts in certain cases, so you should try 7.6-SNAPSHOT or 7.6.1 once it’s out, might just be that the issue is fixed there

Hello Artur,

By recompiling widgetset, as you suggested on a related thread, this problem went away. Recall building with 7.6.0 but at runtime the client side reporting 7.5.8.

Thanks for your attention on this.

  • John