tmp files

I use TableExport-1.2.9 add-on. It leaves many temporary files in server directory. How can I avoid that?
Servers are WebSphere 6 and 7 at z/OS, and Apache Tomcat at Windows.

You might get more appropriate responses if you posted to the TableExport add-on thread or at least mention it in the title - and could be in the add-ons category, but the original TableExport post was here. This should be specific to how the add-on work.

Anyway, although I have never used this add-on, it at least makes an effort to clean up temporary files when streams are closed. I don’t know if it calls File.deleteOnExit() on the temporary files or not, that would provide another layer of safety nets. Do you see many temporary files left there in normal use, or only when stopping the server forcefully while debugging etc?