Timeline - Display of individual data points

I’m creating graphs using the Timeline object. Some graphs have 8 or 10 datasets. When the graph is displayed, it produces a legend along the top of the frame which is a short line in the color used by each dataset. As you drag the cursor across the graph, the data value of each dataset is displayed under the color legend. However, it seems that if some of the datasets are empty, then the data point display breaks. Sometimes I get no legend value at all, and other times the color line is there, but some (or none) of the data point values that are under the cursor get displayed.

It looks like the cursor is working properly - ie. as you drag the cursor, a tiny block (square) shows up on each dataset at the point under the cursor - but that value doesn’t seem to get translated all the time to the legend area.

I hope that explanation is clear - I’m not sure if this is a problem with the addon or if I’m doing something wrong - I don’t explicitly try to invoke the legend behavior - at least I don’t think I am doing anything…Anyone seen a problem like this? Any suggestions?



created about the issue.