Timeline addon

Hi all,

I’m trying to develop a commercial application & I intend to use the Vaadin Timeline addon to it.


I do not intend to modify the source code of the Timeline addon, but I intend to sell my application.

Just wanted to know whether it’s OK to use this addon in my application & it’s not a copyright violation.

Thanks & regards,

If you comply with the
, you can use the Vaadin Timeline for free - even in commercial projects. Most commercial projects do no comply with AGPL as one of its requirements is that the project source code must be released with a (compatible) Open Source license and all recipients have right to re-distribute and modify it. Please see the
for more info.

If you do not comply with AGPL-license, but would like to use Timeline - you must obtain a commercial license. In that case you can use the addon in your commercial application without disclosing source code or giving your customers re-distribution rights. Price is per developer: you are free to sell/distribute any number of copies of your software (that contains timeline addon) without any extra payments per sold software license.