Timeline Add-On: Outline color alpha and outline thickness

Hello all, I have 2 Timeline questions.

Outline alpha:

I tried to use a transparent color in
It is working fine for the fill color, but there is no alpha on the outline color.

Here is my code:

public MyTimeline() {
  Container.Indexed myDataSource = ...
  setGraphOutlineColor(myDataSource , new Color(0,0,0,128));
  setGraphFillColor(myDataSource , new Color(0,0,0,128));

Is this code incorrect? Is it a Timeline bug? Should I fill a new enhancement ticket in the Timeline tracker?

Outline thickness:

Is there a way to change the outline thickness for a specific curve?
method seems to act only on the whole Timeline.
Maybe I should fill a new enhancement ticket for this too?

And I’m using Vaadin 6.7.5 and Timeline 1.2.3.

Currently those features are not available in the Vaadin Timeline. But please feel free to make enhancement tickets for them.