Throw exception when building vaadin first app, driver.xml does not find


As new to Vaadin, I have use web interface to download first Vaadin-CRM project. But when I install project in IntelliJ, it throws following error msg. Any help?

Thanks in advance!

Juhani JianJun

Failed to execute goal com.lazerycode.selenium:driver-binary-downloader-maven-plugin:1.0.17:selenium (default) on project vaadin-crm: Repository map ‘E:\shinyinfo\Development\Vaadin\vaadin-crm\drivers.xml’ does not exist

I am having the same.


what is the exact starter you are using? We have switched to use Webdrivermanager in most starters, but we might have missed some. You can create a driver.xml file in your directory similar to this one : [skeleton-starter-flow-spring/drivers.xml]

Sorry for the inconveniences!

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I am working on the “Building Modern Web Apps with Spring Boot and Vaadin” tutorial.
The used technology stack is Spring Boot.

I created the drivers.xml file with the same content as you advised and the error doesn’t show anymore.


yes, with drivers.xml, my project builds and runs. Thanks for the tip!