Theming a vaadin combo box with Lazy Loading

Hey Guys,

I am trying to remove the toggle button icon from the vaadin combo box that has a lazy loading to get the items. So far, I was successful to remove it from the combo box that has items binded already on load ( But the same, does not work with lazy loading combo box. Here is the code that I am using.

        <dom-module id="custom-combo-box-icon" theme-for="vaadin-combo-box">

) [part=“toggle-button”]

<vaadin-combo-box label = “Company Search”
item-label-path = “companyName”
item-value-path = “companyId”
placeholder=“Search for a company using Name, Tax ID or Group Number”
style = “width:550px”
@selected-item-changed = “${this.onCompanySelection}”
?disabled = “${this.disabled}”
.value = “${this.value}”