Theme Project as ivy dependency for other Vaadin apps

I have folllowed this
to create a common theme project to be share with other projects in eclipse, which works great, but I need it work as a IVY dependency instead of including the project in the build path as described.

I see at the end of the tutorial that you can manually export the project as an addon, but wasn’t sure if there was a simpler way to have the project automatically build the theme jar and then be inlcuded in my other projects’ ivy.xml file.

Has anyone else done this? Can you provide an example?

Not really a Vaadin question, but anyway: Ivy normally uses public Maven repositories (e.g. Maven Central) for finding artifacts. It also supports explicitly declared Maven repositories (such as the Vaadin add-on repository that is automatically included in projects) and other repository formats.

Do you want to share these across different users on different computers?

You could google for “ivy local repository” which gives some good information on how to create a simple repository. Then add it to your ivysettings.xml . If you want a repository accessible from multiple computers in your organization, put the repository on a suitable server. Alternatively, use Maven for the project and a suitable local Maven repository or your own Maven server (e.g. Sonatype Nexus).