Theme issue for GridPro and Grid


I have a theme definition in the shared-style like:

<dom-module id="softvanguard-grid" theme-for="vaadin-grid vaadin-grid-pro">
				border: 1px solid #B0C4DE;
				background-color: #CCCCCC;
				color: #000000;
				font-weight: bold;

However, I found that it can only apply Grid, but not GridPro. Please kindly advise how to fix it.

Best regards,


You have discovered a bug in our theming mechanism. I’ve created an issue:

Some workarounds:

  • use a stronger CSS-selector, e.g. [part~="row"] [part~="header-cell"]
  • use !important after the CSS-properties
  • define separate modules for each tag name

Thanks a lot.