The summer is here - notes on the release schedule

If you open your bunker door a bit and dare to step out, you can see the Sun, feel the warmth of the summer, and smell the vegetation. Beware, it can drive people mad. The Toolkit dev team did just that some two weeks ago and ran out to the fields and forests to chase bunnies and bees. This is the main reason why you haven’t gotten your weekly maintenance build. However, the developers will soon have to replenish the blood drunk by mosquitoes, so we expect them to get back in a week or two.

Regarding the release schedule of the stable version, we probably won’t make any more maintenance releases in the 5.2.x “stable beta” branch, but will aim directly to make 5.3.0 stable. The reason for this is that the maintenance releases are not supposed to have any or at least much API changes, but we want to make some important changes for the stable release. After the stable release, the API will also have to be stable and stay backward compatible.

So, we will hopefully start a release candidate series in the next few weeks.

Well, current trunk (5.3.0) is not that bad, at least my team is using it with multiple complex projects in development. Best of joy pushing 5.3.0 out guys…

Thanks for the update and have a nice vacations to everybody that are in progress or going to… :slight_smile:

As for us, there are rainy time here, a pity season, but at least help concentrating to work, form other hand :slight_smile: