The method bind to Window.onload event will be fired when closing the sub-w

I am new to vaadin and now I’m facing this problem which I couldn’t find any solution from any other topics or forums!

I have a bunch of code like this:

First, I have method to launch a sub-window public static void previewFlowProcess(String procInstCode, Environment env) { Window window = new ProcessComponent(procInstCode, env); UI.getCurrent().addWindow(window); } Then, the constructor of the Sub-window object is like following:

public ProcessComponent(String processInstCode, Environment env){ this.browser = new BrowserFrame("Browser", new ExternalResource("http://localhost:8181/activiti-explorer/diagram-viewer/Test.jsp")); browser.setWidth("950px"); browser.setHeight("600px"); bulidComponent(); } So it will create a BrowserFrame to open an external resource, then while building the sub-window, the BrowserFrame will embeded to the sub-window.

Third, it’s the code of method buildComponent()

private void bulidComponent() { setCaption("Test"); setContent(browser); center(); setModal(true); setSizeUndefined(); } And the external resource is a JSP with a method which will be called when window.onload event was captured:


[/code]My problem is that when I close the sub-window, the method bind to window.onload event will be called again, which means in this case: the “call method” message will be alerted again when I close the sub-window.

Does anyone here could give me some advises? Thanks a lot!!