Thanks to VAADIN

I want to say thanks to the Vaadin-people.
I had very less time to develop an application which is already online on, because we had to be ready for the which started last Saturday.
It is an ugly application, I didn’t had the time to make it pretty, but it works (almost)! (Ok, I have surely some mistakes on it).
I knew, that I never ever could have managed this without your framework.
Thanks, thanks, thanks for this great framework!

Monika (not an experienced user on javascript and Ajax)

Hi Monika,

Thank you for your kind words and your Vaadin app looks great. It seems to be a good match to our
Who is Using Vaadin
list. If you’d like to add your very own showcase entry to the list, just let me know. You’ll reach me via email ville-at-vaadin-dot-com.


Ville @ Vaadin