TextField inside Modal dialog is truncating Underscores, y,g,p.. in IE9


I am having a problem with first TextField inside modal dialog.

I have a button , if i click on that button one modal dialog will open.

modal dialog contains two textfields and three buttons with caption.

  1. Form layout & horizontal layout added to vertical layout
  2. Two textfields are added to form layout
  3. Three buttons are added to horizontal layout

And every thing is working fine .

The problem here is , In IE9

If i try to enter underscore, y, g ,p etc in first textfield it is showing up only in IE9, and the remaining textfields are fine.

Please find the attached screen shot if try to enter _pppyyyggg .

Please find the attached vaadin7 test project using chameleon theme .

Please run the attached project and let me know what is the problem.


13320.zip (16.4 KB)