TextArea text disappears while typing

Some of my customers are reporting that text is disappearing from the textarea while they are typing/pasting.
A video of the problem: https://filebin.net/kfx6tdo3ky8ta1pv/ATTENDIUM_BIG_ERROR._GUESTS_FROM_TEXT.mp4

Is this something common and any idea how I can fix it? This is the code I am using for the TextArea:

final TextArea textArea = new TextArea("Text");
		textArea.setWidth(100, Unit.PERCENTAGE);
		textArea.setHeight(150, Unit.PIXELS);
		textArea.setInputPrompt("Name +X : Comments");

I have not seen it before. Do you have a sample application where the error can be reliably reproduced?

I have the same Problem!
I can’t figure out the reason or what’s wrong