TextArea not showing up in FormLayout

I have a cruid editor which uses a FormLayout for it’s BinderCrudEditor. I have a field that I want to bind to a TextArea, but it does not show up at all.

The following does not work:

    private static BinderCrudEditor<DashboardItem> createForm() {
        TextField name = new TextField("Name");
        TextArea description = new TextArea("Description");
        TextField url = new TextField("URL");

        FormLayout form = new FormLayout(name, description, url);
        BeanValidationBinder<DashboardItem> binder = new BeanValidationBinder<>(DashboardItem.class);
        binder.bind(name, "name");
        binder.bind(description, "description");
        binder.bind(url, "url");

        return new BinderCrudEditor<DashboardItem>(binder, form);

But if I change that TextArea to a TextField it shows up as expected. Is there anything I’m missing?

Try also adding the setRows() property?


Well, turns out I just needed to run “mvn clean install”, not a simple “mvn spring-boot:run”, that was my mistake.

Susan Osgood:
Try also adding the setRows() property?


TextArea doesn’t seem to have a setRows method in vaadin 14, but it does have a minHeight style.

        description.getStyle().set("minHeight", "150px");

Thank you for your help