TextArea ENTER new line

to add a new line into TextArea,
the user has to press SHIFT+ENTER.
user wants to add new line by simply pressing ENTER

is it possible?
is there any ‘standard way’ to achieve that TextArea behaviour?

The text area demo
does just that.
I checked the source code of this demo (click on “View Source”) and there is nothing special…

Do you have any listener which could be reacting to the enter key before ?
Is it inside a form (maybe it is handling the enter key before the field) ?
Can you try wrapping it inside a Panel ? (Panel separate listeners’ scope)

yes, i’ve found that - and that was the problem :slight_smile:
ShortcutListener attached to Panel by addAction() was capturing enter hits
and that modified ‘standard behaviour’ of TextArea

not all code is mine, so i had no idea, what to look for…
thank You for help! :slight_smile:

Is there any way to “have it all”?

That is, I’d like the basic Form to have a button trigger on the ENTER key – except when the user is in the TextArea. We have a Form with a “Save” button:


And this works great for the entire FORM, except for that one time when the user is trying to enter a comment in a TextArea. Is there a way to have the TextArea get the ENTER key when it’s in focus and let the button handle it otherwise?

Add a Focus- and a BlurListener to your TextArea dis- / enabling the sortcut on the save-button whenever the user clicks into the TextArea.