Text Box and an Update Button in pop up Window


I’m working on a Vaadin project which involves
JPA container, eclipselink, MySql.
My question may be simple one but since i have little experience with Vaddin, I’m stuck .

Basically, I’m using a
which contains
4-5 columns
and the data are being fetched from
MySql database
. Every thing is working smoothly. What I got to have is a pop up window open on
edit Button click
corresponding to every item in the Table rows. A
Pop up window
should contain
2-3 TextBox
and an
Update Button
. As the user type text in the
and click on
Update Button
, popup window should get disappear and typed text into the
should be reflected (Update the database value) in the database as well as in the Table rows corresponding to the row for which popup window was opened.

How the Entity classes are involved in this process ?

Any help is appreciated. Please any one provide me some example for the same or suggest me the link.

Thanks in advance.

Warm regards. !