Testing Vaadin Security setup with Spring Security

Hi, are there any advices how to write tests for testing Vaadin Security Setup? Normally, I would write a Spring MVC Test and use @WithMockUser(roles="ADMIN"). Are there any recommendations how to test Vaadins @AnonymousAllowed or the @RolesAllowed?

What testframework are you using?

I use Karibu Testing GitHub - mvysny/karibu-testing: Vaadin Server-Side Browserless Containerless Unit Testing

And there you can see in the AbstractAppTest that it has a login method that fakes the user

If you use Testbench you can use WithMockUser and WithAnonymousUser similar to Spring MVC Test: Spring-based Projects | UI Unit Testing | Testing | Vaadin Docs

I am using Spring Testcontext framework together with Spring Boot. Thank you for the links - will give it a try.

@adaptable-uakari Thank you for the links. This helps me.

If you want to see Karibu in action checkout GitHub - 72services/jtaf4: JTAF - Java Track and Field

Nice project, Thank you!