Terminal Adapter


im looking for further informations about Terminal Adapters, i already know the architectural approach of these abstraction layers, and their duties request/response, but are there any further informations about implementation etc of an adapter, means may write an own adapter for a mobile device instead of a browser and so on…

Thank you for any support in advance.

Greets Mischa


There isn’t much documentation about terminal adapters, as writing them is done so rarely. It’s really “read the sources”. It would be possible to write adapters for Adobe Flash, XUL, report generation, etc. It would also be kind of interesting to get a HTML (non-Ajax) adapter again. However, the task may be rather big, which is probably the reason why we haven’t seen any custom adapters so far.

The old Toolkit 4 had a very different implementation (
see the sources
) from the current one.

I don’t know what mobile devices you are working with, but there’s the
for the Apple devices. A beta version has been out for a while, but we are currently working actively on it and a much enhanced version can be expected soon.

Making customization for a mobile device or some other special environment doesn’t necessarily require implementing a new terminal adapter, as long as the client-side can run in an HTML/JavaScript runtime environment. Adobe Air is one such environment that doesn’t require any modification. If needed, much of the modifications can be done with client-side code and possibly a custom application servlet, as is done in TouchKit.

Thank you Marko,

So i’ll go through the source.