TemplateRenderer and custom component

I have another question. Is it possible using the TemplateRenderer approach, returns a Div implemetation?
I used the TemplateRenderer to bind a Bean in a grid column

grid.addColumn(UserCard.getTemplate().withProperty("userCard", UserCard::create)); ← it works with UserBean

It works fine as I can see the Bean fields in my html.
Now I’d like to put a custom component that starting from the UserBean give me a Chart. So I’d like o have a

getChart in my UserCard class

How do I write HTML to host this component?

<div class="user_div">{{userCard.chart}}</div>

With a simple get it does not work. I have no errors on Console but I do not see anything as a result
Who can help me to understand if it is feasible?

I’m using Vaadin 10, which components support TemplateRenderer ?
I could only find Grid component. Are there other components that could use TemplateRenderer ?

I’d like to have custom parts of HTML on page displayer in web browser.