TabSheet tab selected color


How could i change the tab selected color on reeinder and style tabsheet minimal?

I’m doing somthing like this

.v-tabsheet-tabs-minimal .v-tabsheet-tabitem-selected  {
	background: red;


If layout style Reindeer.LAYOUT_BLUE.

.blue .v-tabsheet-tabs-minimal .v-tabsheet-tabitemcell-selected {
	background: blue;

But the first tabitem doesn’t change…

Any idea??

I don’t know,did you solved it? could you give me a example? thanks!

The first tab has a slightly different class than the rest: .v-tabsheet-tabitemcell-first and .v-tabsheet-tabitemcell-first-selected

if i want to dynamic set background, what should i do? thanks!

You can of course use a different style name for each color you want to use, but that won’t be completely dynamic (and leads to copy-paste-coding).

If you absolutely need a full dynamic solution, you need to use something like the
CSSInject add-on
, that will allow you to specify the color on the server side.

sorry sir! CSSinject doesn’t work, I get more errors when i compile it.
by the way! could you solve a problem “how to set multipart window layer?” in my posts?

i know ! GWT version.

it still not work,can you give me a example?