TabSheet scrollbar

Hi Vaadin people,

i have a small problem in vaadin and wanted to know if i can fix it on my own or if it is a vaadin issue.

Lets assume that we have a maximized View in the browser, then we resize it to 1/4 of the screen or smaller, now the TabSheet resizes and shows the scrollbar, thats ok so far.

Now maximize the screen and the TabSheet scrollbar should dissappear and the first entries(the ones on the left) in the Tabsheet should re-appear but they dont.

I hope someone has a solution for me


After resizing the window smaller, do you use the scroll buttons to actually hide the leftmost tabs? If so, then they won’t get visible again even if there would be enough space for them. This is currently how it works, but could it’s not a feature per se, so feel free to file in a new ticket, if there isn’t one for the same issue already.

Hi Jouni,

i have created a new Ticket
, i also never have written a Ticket before i hope its not a so called bad ticket.


The ticket looks ok. You could have written also how you would expect it to work: describe your wanted enhancement.


I just ran into this exact problem on 7.6.4 and it doesn’t seem that it has been fixed?

You won’t notice it when developing/working on FHD/2k/4k screens, but everyone else will get disappearing tabs.


Ok, i’ve fixed the problem for me, it was an error in the CSS which prevented to scroll the tabs back into view.