TabSheet -- multiple rows of tabs instead of scrolling tabs?

I’m using Vaadin 7.1.9 and wondered if there’s a way to configure a TabSheet to put additional Tabs on a second row instead of using scrolling? This would eat up some space, but would keep all open tabs visible – and make it clear to the user that they have so many tabs open.


this is not possible using the TabSheet component. You might want to take a look at either extending/modifying the TabSheet or building your own component. The latter shouldn’t be too difficult using a bunch of buttons and a panel, and possibly borrowing the styles from TabSheet.

Hi David,

If you like to live dangerously, you could set “display: inline-block” for the element in the tabsheet header, as well as for the v-tabsheet-tabitemcell elements. It seemed to work at least playing with Firebug.

I can take a look, but in general, we’d like Vaadin to support these things because it’s a huge effort when new versions come out. What makes Vaadin better than GWT for us is that it has the framework in place and doesn’t require building custom components for every widget. Sadly, horizontal scrolling to see TABS is not seen in any other UI so users are definitely confused by it, including the fact that tabs can be open that are not visible in the tab sheet (without scrolling to find it).

There was
exactly for the wrap feature, but the scrolling tabs feature was implemented as another solution for the problem in
… I guess you could reopen the ticket as non-duplicate, as the scroll solution is different.