TabSheet issues


I am new to GUI development and have to make a horizontal Layout containing Tabs and a heder Label in vaadin. To start with I made a Horizontal layout and created a label as the header of the Layout. Now if I add a Tabsheet to the same layout, the tab content starts from the end of the label space which makes it look odd.

My requirement is to add the Label (to the left top) and the Tabs(next to the Label towards the right top) as a header to the layout.

Layout made by me is attached to the query in the attachment section.

Please let me know if any one has a quick solution.

Thanks in advance.

Could you possibly rephrase you question a bit. I’m having a hard time following what you got now, and what you want to do.

You might have some interfering theme that does some funny stuff. At least the boxes aren’t default Vaadin theme. Check if your problems goes away if you add ?theme=reindeer at the end of your url.

The issue is when I want to add a label and a tabsheet next to each other in a horizontal layout. The Tabsheet( Processor, memory etc )in the picture starts after the Label “top resource consumer” ends. So if I fill the content of the tabs, the content seems like satrting about 150px away from the left most margin.