TabSheet formatting bug with using closable tabs

I have noticed there is a bug in the formatting of Reindeer TABSHEET MINIMAL with closeable tabs. The ‘x’ renders below the tab caption, causes tab formatting to improper. The screenshot attached is taken from the Vaadin demo page for Reindeer, but the same thing happens on my app in Chrome and Safari.

The strange thing is this did not used ot happen, and seemed like it started about a month ago. Perhaps the latest updates to WebKit browser causes this issue.

Interestingly, I had no problems with Chrome when testing, but using Firefox with Valo theme it looked like this:

The close buttons get hidden.

Jonas, thanks for the reply. I believe you are seeing the close buttons hidden for the same reason. The close x might be rendering below the caption but overflow is hidden. Perhaps this is due to width calculation being off, rather than a browser issue?

I tried various CSS tweeks for this and found adjusting the padding helped in some cases. Should a bug be logged for this?


I think you could file a ticket for this at
. I guess one can find some pretty easy workarounds for it, but if this is the default behavior, it is certainly a bug

// Johan