TabSheet does not restore DOM elements of Custom Component

Hi Vaadin Team,

we are using a Custom Component Widget in a TabSheet. The Widget uses a native Javascript library to display
tree like data which is creates DOM elements dynamically. The Component is placed in a TabSheet Tab and once triggered the Tree is correctly displayed.
When changing to another Tab and back to the Tree`s Tab only the parent DOM element is restored! The childs, a HTML5 canvas and label container DIVs gone missing. We cannot figure out how Vaadin stores and reloads the Tab’s content. What happens with the content when a Tab is changed we did not find anything in your API.
The Tab just works fine with other contents, which also have many DOM childs. I hope you can help us with this issue, we can provide relevant Code if needed.

TabSheet is not storing the full content. It relies on components preserving their server state via some mechanism. So if you write custom component and want to use them with TabSheet, you need to implement way to maintain the server state of the component. So in case of Tab change, the component fetches necessary information from server side in order to redraw itself correctly.

Thank you for your reply, is there a “Vaadin” way to just store all inherited elements of the Tab’s DOM element and attach them again?