Tabsheet and Routes

Are there any plans to have Tabsheet do this natively: ? Something like:

TabSheet tabSheet = new TabSheet();
tabSheet.add("My View", MyView.class);

Where MyView.class is a @Route that is loaded inside the tab content area upon click. The URL would reflect the navigation state of the tabsheet, so if the tabsheet is loaded in @Route("my-tabsheet") and MyView has @Route("my-view") then the URL would become my-tabsheet/my-view when the tab is selected.

As far as I know there are no plans - no issue / feature request is in the flow-components about it because it’s not needed with such a simple solution in the cook book

Thanks. My question also stems from the fact that the example uses Tabs whereas in the documentation it’s mostly about TabSheet. Is the latter a better replacement for Tabs perhaps ?

I would say no, because the tabsheet is more tightly coupled and the Tabs are better suited for this kind of Cross-Route work where each Route is a Tab’s content

Alright, makes sense thanks !

Also see the new Side Navigation component that uses Routes natively