Tabs of TabSheet closable with middle mouse button

As far as i know its only possible to close tabs of a TabSheet by clicking the close Button next to their caption.

I was wondering if there is a way to respond to middle mouse clicks and then close the tab?

Hallo Markus!

TabDesign td = new TabDesign(){};

The code above does actually create a TabSheet with a few tabs (created with Vaadin Designer),
and makes the first tab closeable. And know what? The browser internal to Eclipse allows to close
the tab using the middle mouse button. Google Chrome allows using to close the tab using the
middle mouse button.

Now, the Firefox does not allow this.

If you feel this is a bug in Vaadin (or the underlying GWT) please file a bug on

If the component representing your tab is a Panel, you can add your MouseEvents.ClickListener there,
so you could react to middle mouse button clicks. But it will not get events for the tab above the actual panel itself.